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And Senda so sensitively calls it the death train.
has anyone thought of the fact the train BRAKES could NOT have functioned as effectively as normal with FAT FALKIE on board ?
maybe FAT FALKIE is to blame ?

Random Topics / Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: Today at 10:26:41 AM »
So our best hope is officially gone. Those words from the early days of the thread are true after all.
FAT FALKIE has to realize his only way to actually survive (even though he is a staunch conservative) is in a smaller community located in California...
(one of the few places that have laws protecting FAT FALKIES and even go so far as to supply housing, food and welfare money)

I'll just say I'm happy to see Senda got home ok.  Other than that,  I have no words.
perhaps you are...
but, imagine the “love taps” slow Kathy probably received for being “bad” while FAT FALKIE was away ?

and, I bet FAT FALKIE ate slow Kathy’s chocolate bar before he got home !

I bet FAT FALKIE made the “I’m sorry Sir, we are all booked up” list for the Pasadena Sheraton after his recent visit...


just look what you missed SEWERGABBERS!!!
FAT FALKIE, the center of attention with his alien heads, rockin’ with the ladies...
while leaning on the shopping cart he “found” is no where to be seen...
I am so so disappointed

Nope.  Alive.  Well.  Ghastly............


* drooler2.PNG (133.83 kB)

are you sure ?
I have viewed corpses that look “more alive” than FAT FALKIE is looking these days

any word on the condition of the maid staff at the Sheraton ?
pity the poor staff that would have been charged with entering FAT FALKIE’s hotel room to ready it for human occupancy...
in ONLY 3 hours

I have checked in (twice) to 4 star hotel / resort and have found it necessary to request a change in rooms...
UPGRADED on both occasions, at management’s insistence based on condition and what was “remaining” from their previous guest(s)

I can only imagine what the front desk’s first impression of FAT FALKIE was...

I am unable to express my disappointment in FAT FALKIE’s latest promise of live-streaming his adventure to the 2018 alienCON !

I never thought FAT FALKIE would let me down
and I was just on the verge of becoming a FAT FALKIE fan...

Ok. You can have all the guys in the shorts and black socks. I hadn’t even noticed them.
what about the guys with green alien socks ?

hey, who gets the socks ?

George Kidnapped. $1000 to George PayPal or he'll be released.
think of ALL the poor starving kitties ?

guessing they will have to learn the fine art of online begging...
(can’t be that difficult, FAT FALKIE had it down pat...)

Welp, it seems that the reason that he felt bad was that his mother's bony fingers were reaching up from out of the grave and grasping him by the ankles.

Anthony George Senda, pioneer of on-line begging and all-around knobcheese-flavoured fuckwad, dead at 66.

1952-2018.  I hope he burns in hell.
any leads on the Alien Heads he took with him ?
we had a discussion about those and I was promised them...


I believe the lesson learned by Sherlock was...
a corpse doesn’t bruise
FAT FALKIE needs to wait until slow Kathy expires, before giving her “love taps”

maybe FAT FALKIE was “attacked”...
by a mob of fans ?

where oh where is FAT FALKIE ?

The thing for me is, even if people sent him the money to get a new one, or even if people sent him three new IPads, he is so accustomed to just begging for things whenever he needs them, that he is careless with everything, and drops them, and breaks them.  He doesn't even care about it because he goes on YouTube and begs untill some noob feels sorry for him.

after witnessing first hand how he...
sits on
steps on
his devices...
I really got a laugh out of his “the train was really jostling around”
“that may be why my 👁PAD isn’t working”

I wonder if the alien head “lost” it’s ticket ?
maybe that was the problem ?

did alienCON management fail to provide him a power strip and extension cord for the alien head ?
maybe that was the problem ?

damn alien head !

Random Topics / Re: BREAKING! Re: The General Musings of Falkie2013
« on: June 16, 2018, 10:22:02 PM »
By "go home" does he mean back to the Hotel?  I think the last train to Martinez left hours and hours ago, amIwrong?
maybe he is going to feed the kitties at the all night Asian massage place (like he did at the brothel) and hope he can “just snuggle” and fall asleep there ?

do those places have WiFi ?

so, just what is the current situation with FAT FALKIE ?
did he even make alienCON ?
is he still in Pasadena ?
is he still pushing the “found” shopping cart ?
has the Newport cigarette smoking BLACK man made an appearance ?
any news on the Love 💕 Shack ?
and slow Kathy ?

George might have other options for housing...
how do you know that isn’t his “real” home ?
and Casa Senda is merely a “studio prop” ?
La Senda Place is a coincidence ?
“there are no coincidences”

Great eyes but can't be him.  The white haired gentleman seems to be wearing a normal pair of shorts.
and he roughly, I am guessing now, about 196 lbs underweight

and anyway, wouldn’t FAT FALKIE be up on the stage ?
(as some type of exhibit:..)

Should I go and pick him up and offer my couch for the night?
are you serious(ly nuts)...
or making a funny ?

One can hope he either found his ticket, or was able to show them email proof that he had purchased one.  Not being able to find his ticket, is probably why he didn't know what times his signing/photo schedules are.
it’s all Curtis’ fault, you know !
Curtis should have been in Pasadena at the Sheraton with FAT FALKIE  !
made sure FAT FALKIE had proper assistance with his luggage !
made sure FAT FALKIE had proper transportation anywhere !
made sure FAT FALKIE had no problems at the hotel !
made sure FAT FALKIE was fed a proper half thawed chicken dish upon his arrival !
made sure FAT FALKIE washed behind his ears !
made sure FAT FALKIE had clean underwear (and wore them) !
made sure FAT FALKIE went to bed early !
made sure FAT FALKIE got up in the morning !
made sure FAT FALKIE had a good breakfast !
made sure FAT FALKIE was handed his ticket immediately before entering the venue and had it attached to his clean T-shirt with a saftey pin...and told not to touch it !

oh, and do not talk to strangers !
“stranger danger”

Sorry to sound conspiratorial, but the video doesn’t look like a Sheraton room. I smell mischief afoot.

PB has actually claimed to have been in Casa Senda.

Is PB in on the "fix" too?
George is playing both The Big Con and The Long Con.
well maybe PB was at “Casa Senda”, which is in reality a hovel the wealthy FAT FALKIE simply rents in the Hacienda as a “Studio”...
could explain a lot !
damn, maybe he even has a long term contractual agreement, providing her with hello kitty paraphernalia, the occasional pizza and plushies, with slow Kathy...
who is really an over the hill provider FAT FALKIE met in his prime ?

has anybody really met the real FAT FALKIE ?

No but I have agents in the field and I'm also going through people's Instagrams
encourage them to be on the 👀 !
a video of the FAT FALKIE at alienCON might prove to be a modern day “Patterson Gimlin Bigfoot” type video !

Are you on site?   8)
hope you snag an interview with “the FAT FALKIE from Martinez (formally Pittsburg)” !

I like when he spotted an AMP (Asian massage parlor) and wanted a rub and tug but they were closed and he was broke.
made me think...
Asians probably aren’t frightened of “twitchy thingys” with snakes of all sizes (small) abundant in Asia.
just hope he wouldn’t run into a provider that once had a bad experience and once spotting the “twitchy thingy” screamed and stepped on it with her high heels...

Well, I've watched both of Sendas live videos, and as far as I can tell, he could be in a hotel in Martinez.
all I can say is...
i am very disappointed in FAT FALKIE
I am in agreement with you, NO livestream at all, NO proof he is even at AlienCON, NO video at all except in a hotel room ? (could actually be a hotel room in Martinez or his “real” bedroom...proof, Casa Senda is a staged studio)

I think we ALL have been had...

I cant stop laughing Nipple suspenders

Omg that's funny brig

Apparently Linda thought they were shocking too..
is she selling those ?
wonder if she carries slow Kathy’s size ?

FAT FALKIE is really falling short on his promise of a live stream on the train...
what happened ?
did the Newport cigarette smoking BLACK MAN steal his devices ?
did FAT FALKIE get assigned to the baggage compartment due to Amtrak finding out his is flea infested ?
did the Food Max crone prevent his boarding ?
has FAT FALKIE had his pie-hole duck taped by the other passengers ?
did FAT FALKIE get wedged in the toilet ?
has FAT FALKIE died (again) ?

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