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The official program of Art Bell is going to wait over two weeks to deliver a tribute to him.



The fuck do I do with this Red Bull now?

I don't think Keith will want to tick off Heather any more than he has.  Plus, I'm thinking of your safety.  If you hosted, Heather would be using some very black magic to retaliate.  We know how successful witchcraft has been for her. Be scared!  Be very scared!!  :P

i'm wearing a vinyl djellaba.  vinyl blocks spells.

Dammit, MV. Such a tease!

I'm out of here.  Need to get at least a little sleep back at the Super 8 and prepare.  See you tonight.  Please call in if you're able.

Well they don't "do it" anymore but they still are occasionally seen together antique shopping.

i think his beard gets us better deals.

Nah.  Just joking around.

I guess this is an imaginary case of Red Bull sitting in the back seat of my rental.

Good god. Was their plan to really tease it, then go on the air and say “surprise, Art’s dead.”
Is THAT what was TAKEN AWAY from the “inner circle”?!?!

Wtf is wrong with them?!?!?


The only way I could see that being a thing is if that was in Art’s will?

and that's why i allege they wanted the exclusive on the death announcement; it represented a one-shot promotional mechanism.  some might think i'm awful for believing that, but i believe it.  shove off. 

i think they hoped to announce art's death exclusively and then corral all subsequent news mentions of art's death around their own announcement on their own website, where a plug for the show would be conspicuously inserted.  their announcement would have been linked to or referenced by a swath of news outlets/bloggers/twitter/fb, etc.

instead, with things failing to go their way (thanks, NCSD), it didn't work out like that.  far from it.

Can I get $50 on William Shatner in the death pool?

hell, i'll pay $50 for video of shatner reading that tweet.

this is bellgab for you. how cute. old men behind a computer attacking a sweet young woman who is only trying to make a living..


heather's older than me by quite a bit.

"East of the Ozarks, you're on the air"

Now let's take a call on the Wild Cow line... you're on the air."

"East of the Ozarks, you're on the air"

hahaha, fuck i love this place.

My local target recently tore theirs out and put in a Starbucks though.

I'm sorry to hear that, man.  I really am.

Hey MV, will you take me under your wing and teach me to podcast?  I can live in your shed.  This is not creepy and will have a happy ending for all.

you need a noise gate.

She’s telling them to bitch at the guest host.

I know how to handle these rubes.

Wow!  Just like a Kenmore dryer on steroids!

don't worry.  i have a noise gate.

No, No, No... they'll just change the name of the show to "11pm In Missouri".

heh heh

I hope you didn’t forget to pack your lawnmower!

fuuuuuck, i'll be doing the show ON a lawnmower.

Pahrump in the Night with MV

every time i see your avatar in my peripheral vision, i think it's bob ross.

It's alright. I'm one of those pretentious Target shoppers anyway.

at least target has the little store-branded cafe like k-mart used to have when i was a kid.

That is precisely what I thought. Possibly that grant deed did not include the equipment is another possibility. Hopefully mv will clear this all up tonight in the gab cast.

There is no GabCast tonight.  I'll be hosting Heather's show.

You best have that lawyer on speed dial mister

would it have helped if i'd used caps?

It’s disgusting.

MV, if I resub to MITD , can you ask Keith to forward it to you?  ;)

Not necessary.  I'm receiving a lump sum payment for the presentation of my talents this evening.

25 listening diaper...

walmart has apparently stopped carrying listening diapers.  i've complained.  no movement.

Jonah Hill as MV?

he lost a lot of weight, supposedly.

Lots of bellgab shout outs, right? ;D

Would you expect anything less?

Break a leg and don't forget to wear your lucky broadcasting mankini!

I do all of my internet broadcasting in a djellaba.

Allaho Akhbar.

MV when can we expect the name change to Goblins & Such?

Hour 2.

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