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Not Without My Anus
« on: July 05, 2008, 02:46:31 PM »

         <Stumbling in after a night on the Thames embankment with friend Guinness and Stout>
         Evening, All. Whoops, 'scuse me. <shouts for ruth in the nearest rubbish bin, wipes mouth> Now then. I've a few remarks to make, and I list you'll all hopen. First, I approve of the Spooge Noory merchandise, especially the girl in the T-shirt, as the item I'm really interested in purchasing is her breasts. Second...'scuse me again...anyone have a hat? Thank you. <shouts for ruth again> Now then, then now. About those breasts--uh, no, that wasn't it...something lower down...Oh yes! Steve Quayle. I do believe this feces, er, specious twat should be consigned to the adult diaper of Barbara Bush. And finally, I'd like to fall over. <thud>


Re: Not Without My Anus
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Too funny! Thanks for the laugh. You got an "on the money" for that!


Re: Not Without My Anus
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Quayle in Bush......hmmmm........

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