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In my never-ending quest . . .
« on: May 25, 2008, 03:44:37 PM »
To rehabilitate the image of the poodle (at least the BIG GUYS) take a look at this: 

It's got a video and everything.  Poodles are most closely related to Spanish and Portuguese Water Dogs - and the Irish Water Spaniel. ALL of those dogs are still considered hunters, primarily of water fowl since they have coats more like wool than fur - and can stay warm even in icy water (which, BTW - is where the custom of cutting off only part of the fur came from.  It was to keep the joints warm, yet not leave on so much "wool" that they got water logged and weighed down.  Even the "bow" on the top of the head was originally ribbon or dyed yarn so that hunters who went in groups could tell whose dog was whose by the color of the yarn when only the dog's head showed above water. 

People are starting to use poodles as hunters again.  And it's great to see them.  Since people now have heated cars and shacks when they hunt - the hunting poodles are kept in a short, almost even cut. 

I don't expect to convince our dear Admin, but maybe some others . . .

To keep this GN related -- I expect even Michael would agree that a good poodle is more valuable than George Noory.   :P

EDITED TO ADD:  this is why people think badly of poodles.  It's the OWNERS who are obnoxious - not the dogs!

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Like Art, I'm more of a cat lover. And even when it comes to dogs, I can't really say poodles are at the top of my list either. I prefer collies, golden retrievers, and pomeranians..(crazy little guys). I'd never even considered owning a poodle. Come to think of it, I don't really know anyone who does.

But I must admit, the article was informative. I never knew poodles were good hunting dogs. I always bought into the general stereotype, but I guess that stereotype comes from a modern owner-induced thing more than the dogs themselves. 

And that dog in that other link with the pink and purple crap on it...Jesus Christ.

Protip: Dying your dog's hair pink and purple doesn't just make you makes your dog gay too. 

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Sorry I'm late Ev. Hope this helps.

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Heh. I'd forgotten about Pirate King Atomsk.