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Bard on the Brain
« on: May 15, 2008, 10:00:16 PM »

Got my final in Shakespeare tomorrow. For anyone who's not a fan - Pyramus and Thisbe  is (sort of) a Roman myth - some say a later romance.  It's also a comedic "play within the play" in Midsummer Night's Dream. A few months ago - I found a link that streams a short video of The Beatles staging this playlet. Even if you're NOT into P&T - or Shakespeare - this is FUNNY.

So, here tiz - Pyramus and Thisbe a la the Fab Four & Friends =

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That was great fun. Thanks.

While not being a great fan of Shakespeareian type language (although I very much enjoy Hamlet for some strange reason), I did have the pleasure of viewing one of the manuscripts while visiting London many years ago.  8)

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